[COCOS]1. 물리 몸체 및 모양 디버깅

1. Debugging Physics Body and Shapes 1. 물리 몸체 및 모양 디버깅 If you ever wish to have red boxes drawn around your physics bodies to aid in debugging, simple add these […]

[COCOS2dx] physical Queries

Date: 06/16/21 15:33:31 1. Queries 1. 쿼리 Have you ever stood in one position and looked around? You see things near to you and far from you. 한 자리에 서서 주위를 둘러 […]

[COCOS2dx] Physical 충돌

1. Collision 1. 충돌 Have you ever been in a car accident? What did you collide with? Just like with cars, PhysicBody objects can come in contact. 교통 사고를 당하신 적이 있습니까? […]